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Dayuse.com is a general public portal dedicated to the reservations of hotel rooms for days and nights, around the globe. On this space users come to look for availability and/or advice in this field to make a hotel reservation. Day Use wanted this website to be a quality tool, where internet users receive relevant information or reliable and credible advice on hotels as well as an easiness of reservation. All hotels listed on www.dayuse.com are known for their seriousness and ethics they are all professionals in the hotel/restaurant business. The information and/or advice provided on www.dayuse.com are only likely related. www.dayuse.com is strictly reserved to an adult and informed public and complies with all current French regulations. Overnight bookings will be exclusively managed by our partners. Our partner terms and conditions can be browsed here.


Dayuse.com is a service provider for hotel rooms during the day in accordance with the French law. Dayuse.com is not designed to verify or control the identities or activities of those using their service. the practices carried out in the rooms rented by Dayuse.com are at the discretion of the customer and may not be attributable to Dayuse.com, any incident, accident or other events contrary to current French laws and regulations taking place in the room do not therefore legally involve Dayuse.com; the responsibility of Dayuse.com being only engaged as part of the service provided, the latter being governed by the General Terms and Conditions. Dayuse.com strongly condemns all illegal activities (prostitution, pedophilia, drug trafficking ... or other practices contrary to the French legislation) and agrees to fully cooperate with the relevant authorities if suspicions of fraud, trafficking… or other illegal activities were detected as part of the activities of www.dayuse.com


In conformity with the laws relating to the respect for private life, Day Use agrees not to reveal to anyone the identity or any other information relating to persons who have benefited from the services provided by Dayuse.com, unless in a case of requests justified by judicial authorities. The collection of personal information via the website Dayuse.com and its use complies with the dispositions of the French Informatique et libertés law dated from January 6, 1978. The data will be stored for a period specified by laws and then destroyed for greater discretion.


The Committee of Experts is composed of five legal representatives - who are also the founders - of the website Dayuse.com, all experts and professionals in the hotel business. They guarantee the seriousness of the website, its orientations, its editorial contents. They are vigilant about the compliance with the website's code of ethics , ensures the good practices of their hotel suppliers and the possible recommendations of the UMIH (Union des Métier et des Industries de l’Hôtellerie).

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-39%每晚 TWD 2100
TWD 1300
Lealea Garden Hotel Taipei
Songshan District
Lealea Garden Hotel Taipei
saveurs 福利
-36%每晚 TWD 1700
TWD 1100
Datong District
-55%每晚 TWD 2200
TWD 1000
In Young Hotel
Qijin District
In Young Hotel
réunion Business
-47%每晚 TWD 4290
TWD 2300
Golden Tulip RS Boutique Hotel - Tainan
West Central District
Golden Tulip RS Boutique Hotel - Tainan
sieste Détente

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