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9INE HOTEL  Datong District
9INE HOTEL  Datong District
9INE HOTEL  Datong District
9INE HOTEL  Datong District
9INE HOTEL  Datong District
9INE HOTEL  Datong District
9INE HOTEL  Datong District

9INE HOTEL : 短暫休憩的飯店優惠


精緻雙人房 - 不指定房型

每晚 TWD 1700-36%
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“LEALEA 9INE HOTEL-TAIPEI” is the fashionable business hotel newly established in the metropolitan region of Greater Taipei, which requires only a 2-minute walk to the MRT Daqiaotou Station, and is close to popular places including Dadaocheng, Yanshan Night Market, Dihua Street commercial district, and Ningxia Night Market. It features convenient and fast access to traffic and food, and is suitable for accommodation by businessmen and travelers.

“LEALEA 9INE HOTEL-TAIPEI” is located in the Datong District, which was the earliest developmental history in Taipei. Due to its early development, there are historic sites everywhere within the district, as well as endless streams of pilgrims to the temples, which has also created many architectural monuments enriched in historical culture. 

These sites include tourist spots like the Taipei Confucius Temple; Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei; and Baoan Temple. In addition, it is also the distribution center for groceries, fabrics, chemical materials, and craftworks, where century old stores can still be found everywhere you go, even in the present days. You can also visit the various, characteristic snack foods as a result of the rich culture.

The fresh, new, well-lit lobby space of “LEALEA 9INE HOTEL-TAIPEI” uses bright yellow mixed with blue-green colors to demonstrate the energetic vitality of youth. The Taipei MRT route map on the wall generously provides directions to travelers. There are facilities including personal computers, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, an RO water dispenser, and imported ground coffee machine at the social lounge, providing convenience for the demands of the travelers staying here. 

“LEALEA 9INE HOTEL-TAIPEI” features modern guest room environment based on the theme of urban images, which demonstrates a well-executed, innovative yet tranquil urban atmosphere together with the elegant and simple decors.

The phrase “each room is unique and has its own story” resembles the microcosm of the Datong District, where the rise and falls of the past can be vividly seen. Anyone can travel back in time, so to speak, to appreciate the ancient atmosphere and traces of history in the area. We look forward to your visit. Please come and enjoy a tour of historic sites and foods


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103, Taïwan, Taipei City, Datong District, 延平北路二段255號
+886 2 5592 4007


By car 
Take National Highway No.1 and get off at Chongqing N. Road Interchange towards Taipei downtown, go southbound straight along Sec.3 of Chongqing N. Rd., then take a right turn at Minquan W. Rd., and go straight to the crossroad at Yanping N. Rd. Then you’ll have arrived.

Parking Lot Info
If you need to park, you may continue to go straight for 100m to park at the parking lot under Taipei Bridge (top and bottom floors). This parking lot is a 24Hr public parking lot established by the Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office, with NT$30/Hr for small vehicles (only NT$15/Hr between 23:00 p.m. ~ 07:00 a.m. the next morning), NT$20/time for motorbikes.

By public transportations ​
Take HSR/Taiwan Railways/Bus to the Taipei Station 
→ Transfer to MRT Daqiaotou Station Exit No.1, go straight for about 1 minute and go past the crossroads on the left hand side 
→ arrive at “9INE HOTEL-TAIPEI” above the Hi-Life convenience store.


103, Taïwan, Taipei City, Datong District, 延平北路二段255號